Scholarship Saturday: Happy Hanukkah! The 22nd Annual Kaplun Essay Contest

by Taylor Cotter Staff

kaplun-essay-contestHappy Hanukkah! This week’s Scholarship Saturday is the The 22nd Annual Kaplun Essay Contest. The Morris J. and Betty Kaplun Foundation seeks to encourage young people to treasure their Jewish heritage, reflect on Jewish values, and better understand the contribution to civilization and culture. To this effort, the Foundation sponsors an annual essay contest open to both junior high and high school students.

This year’s contests are:

Level 1 – Grades 7, 8 and 9: What Person of Importance to the Jewish People, Biblical, Historical or Contemporary, Would You Like to Meet and Why?

Level 2 – Grades 10, 11 and 12: Are the Ten Commandments Still the Cornerstone of Civilization’s Moral Code? Why or Why Not?

Prizes include:

Level 1
$1,800.00 = for 1st prize
$750.00 = to each of the 5 finalists

Level 2
$1,800.00 = for 1st prize
$750.00 = to each of the 5 finalists

How to enter:

Essays must be typed, double-spaced and a minimum of 250 words. Level 1 essays may not exceed 1,000 words. Level 2 essays may not exceed 1,500 words. Entries must be mailed to The Morris J. and Betty Kaplun Foundation, Inc.

Due Date:

Entries must be postmarked by March 1, 2013

Learn more about this contest at