Scholarship Saturday: Adult Learning Scholarships

Adults need scholarships, too! At, we know that education has no age limit. Check out our list of scholarships for adults or anyone going back to school to finish or further their education. The entire list is available on the Scholarship Advisor mobile app:

Ford ReStart Scholarship

This need-based award was created to encourage adults, age 25 or older, to begin or return to full-time post-secondary education to earn a certificate or degree at an eligible college.

Bridge to Employment Scholarship for Recent College Graduates

For recent and mid-career college graduates facing a difficult job market and a troubling economy, continuing education certificates are becoming increasingly attractive as a way to bridge to employment areas that are in demand. UC San Diego Extension is committed to increasing access to the certificate programs it offers that help college graduates bridge to better employment.

Frank B. Sessa Scholarship for Continuing Education

This scholarship is awarded to a Beta Phi Mu continuing their professional education. The award is not limited to those attending a formal degree program, but includes various activities which will increase the professional skills of the recipient.

Professor Bernard and Diana Shapiro Scholarship

The Shapiro scholarship is a merit scholarship that is awarded annually to a student who has been out of high school for at least five years. Professor Emeritus Bernard Shapiro began teaching at the University of Massachusetts in 1962 and retired from the Mathematics Department in 1996. He continued to work at the University as an evening supervisor and advisor in the Division of Online and Continuing Education until his retirement in 2011.


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