Your Saving Grace for Higher Ed: Online Classes

Online courses for college students.

Congratulations! You’re now a college student ready to take on the world one class at a time. As you put together your school schedule, consider adding online courses to the mix.  They add flexibility and the chance to work at your own pace, which is perfect if you need to keep a job while in school or have familial obligations. The traditional college route isn’t for everybody, but that doesn’t mean you can’t earn a degree.

Here are just a few advantages to adding online classes to your schedule.

Flexibility of Scheduling

Online education gives you the opportunity to learn on your own terms. Perhaps you have a busy schedule, a job, or kids, and can’t be on campus all day. Additionally, you are privy to a comprehensive college education without the scheduling nightmares. Most have quizzes and reading assignments due at the end of each week, which gives you the freedom to study when you have time (evenings, weekends, etc.).

A busy life makes it difficult to keep up with lectures, homework, assignments, and deadlines. For some students, lecture-style classes are uncomfortable and overwhelming. Online classes allow you to learn at home on your own time. You can reread chapters or go over notes so you feel confident taking a quiz or exam.

Connecting with Others

It can feel like you’re alone when you’re taking classes online, but professors ensure that you stay engaged. Participating in weekly discussions with other classmates is usually required to keep you involved. It gives you a chance to exchange ideas with other students, which you might not get in a traditional lecture. College is not just about sitting and taking notes, it’s also a place to share ideas with your peers.


The beauty of online learning is taking classes from any university from across the country. Perhaps you live on the East Coast and want a degree from a West Coast university; classes online let you ‘travel’ from the comfort of your home. Online learning is excellent because your education isn’t limited to your location.


The cost of college tuition is rising and affording an education can seem out of reach. Many universities offer more affordable online courses to help students get their degree and maintain a budget. You still have access to resources and professors, but at a relatively reasonable price. Cost shouldn’t stand in between you and your degree, and online classes give you the chance to get a high quality and affordable education.

An affordable education while learning on your own time is pretty tempting isn’t it? Adding online courses to your roster gives you more options and the flexibility to work within your schedule; getting your degree doesn’t have to mean sticking to the traditional route.

Jessica Gibbs studied Apparel Merchandising and Communications/Journalism at Colorado State University. She is currently a guest writer for CollegeFocus, a website dedicated to helping students deal with the challenges of college, including housing, finance, style, health, relationships, and transferring from a community college to a four-year university.

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