Save on Test Prep Courses with Kaplan’s Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sale

Kaplan Test Prep

Are you preparing for the GRE, MCAT, or another graduate school exam? Chances are these looming tests haven’t made the top of your gratitude list this Thanksgiving, but you can turn the holiday shopping craze into an investment to be thankful for. Our friends at Kaplan Test Prep are offering substantial discounts on test preparation courses to help you both save and invest in your future.

Register for one of Kaplan’s test prep courses by December 3 at noon, and you’ll receive a discount code for savings up to $150. The offer applies to Kaplan’s multiple test prep courses and delivery methods for instruction, including Classroom On Site in-person instruction courses, Classroom Anywhere live online classroom instruction, On Demand video courses, and One-on-One instruction from an expert.

Graduate Test Prep Courses

  • GMAT: Business School
  • GRE: Graduate School
  • LSAT: Law School
  • MCAT: Medical School
  • DAT: Dental School
  • OAT: Optometry School

Kaplan’s experienced instructors will guide you through the ins and outs of test strategy, develop a personalized study path that meets your learning needs, and prepare you to perform your best on your entrance exam. Kaplan has a proven record of higher test scores among course participants and offers a money-back guarantee or free additional instruction if you don’t improve your overall score.

Your test scores are the part of your graduate school application that you can influence the most. With solid preparation, you can achieve your best test scores and boost your candidacy for graduate school.

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Do you think graduate school entrance exams are a good measure for admissions?

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