SAT Prep: Can Angry Birds Help You Get a Better SAT Score?

angry birds sat scoreHere’s some good news for all you Angry Birds addicts out there. Did you know that you can use the same strategies to win a game of Angry Birds to help you dominate the SAT? It’s true! While being able to fly through the SAT Math and Critical Reading sections might not be as fun as slinging birds at pigs, it can certainly help you out when you’re applying to colleges.

According to a recent NACAC survey, almost 60% of colleges consider SAT test scores to be one of the most important admissions factors after your GPA. So don’t slack on getting ready for exam day! Learn how use Angry Birds strategies to save time while taking the SAT from StudentAdvisor’s resident SAT prep guru Rory Hartfield. Read more…

Photo:  Maureen McLaughlin

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