Raising the Bar for College Application Essays

Right now, colleges are feeling the pressure as an overwhelming number of eager high school students are submitting their college application essays for early and regular admission. However, due to the vast number that need review and the insufficient number of people to review them, college admissions offices, across the board, are cracking down on the way they weed out the real deals from the fake phonies.

Colleges that have felt the burn of impostures, like Adam Wheeler, who plagiarized his college application essay and scammed his way into two of the nations most prestigious universities, have stated that they will be instituting a more thorough examination of college application essays. Traditional admissions expectations of high class rank and strong recommendations were enough to make the difference between getting into college or getting rejected. But now, some of the nation’s most popular colleges reveal that these once important “bonus points”, are not as important as they used to be. Instead, the emphasis is being focused on students’ college application essays as well as the difficulty level of applicants’ high school classes.

(Source: National Association of College Admissions Counselors.)

Moving forward, college officials have pointed out 8 major changes as to how the admissions process will affect applicants moving forward:

1. Earlier deadlines.

2. Less time per application.

3. Less emphasis on high school class rank

 4. Less reliance on recommendations

 5. More emphasis on tougher high school courses

 6. More emphasis on college application essays

 7. More weight placed on the applicant’s senior year

 8. More overall application examination

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Do you think that it is fair for colleges to discount classes that you have taken or how hard you have worked to make it to the top of your class?


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