Planning Your Career Journey: The Time Is Now!

career journey

As college graduation season approaches, students of all ages are turning their thoughts toward their future careers. While some have their paths carefully mapped out, others may not yet be sure where their new degrees will lead them. Some people who already have careers may even be inspired to think about new possibilities!

No matter where you fall on the spectrum of planning your career, Career Journey has resources that can help you. The free interactive online program, powered by LinkedIn, guides people through the process of designing meaningful and successful career paths while leveraging your existing LinkedIn profile to help you build upon your experience, skills, and professional network. The result is a plan for your professional future.

“By partnering with thought leaders and offering actionable, proactive strategies for career development, Career Journey provides easy access to a variety of amazing resources all in one place,” says Jacqueline Jones, Executive Director, Strategic Partnerships and Innovation with Kaplan Higher Education Group, which rolled out the new program last fall.

Some of the resources Career Journey provides include access to career advice from top industry leaders, and modules on subjects such as visioning, networking, and personal branding. In addition, a focus on wellness is being provided by Dr. Deepak Chopra and the Chopra Center.

“A strategy for wellbeing is at the core of a thriving career,” says Jones, adding that, “Gallup research has shown that employees who actively manage their wellbeing are more engaged in their careers.”  Wellness topics will include discovering and fulfilling ones life’s purpose, personal evolution, and being true to one’s self.

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Career Journey is designed to be a revolving resource with no true beginning and end. You can use any or all of the modules at any time along the span of your career to gain new and ongoing insights and network support. Additional tools include calendar functions and completion data to help you keep track of your progress , as well as resources to help you search job openings, find a mentor, and browse learning opportunities.

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