How to Succeed in College and Combat Unemployment

Tips to succeed in college

The focus of college is to prepare yourself for the job market. Follow these tips to keep your eye on the prize.

5 Master’s Degrees That Pay for Themselves

master's degrees that pay for themselves

Earning your master’s degree should qualify you for better jobs with more pay, but that’s not always the case. Find out which master’s degrees are making the grade in today’s economy.

Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment for Veterans

veterans employment and benefits

The Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment for Veterans program helps veterans find work for up to 12 years after leaving military service. Scholarships and special college military programs are also available to help veterans and their families earn college degrees.

Still Undecided? 5 Undergraduate Degrees That Get Students Hired

college majors that get students hired

  Choosing a major is one of the most difficult aspects of attending college. Regardless of which subjects you enjoy the most, some degrees just don’t cut it in the modern employment market. Graduating students often discover that it is much harder to get a job with certain degrees than it is with other degrees. […]

4 Technology Degrees to Spark Your High-Tech Passion

technology degrees

There’s plenty of room in the high-tech sector for people with different strengths and abilities to find employment by choosing the right college degree program.

4 Ways to Revamp Your Résumé and Stay Productive This Summer

tips for college students

Find a balance between relaxation and productivity this summer with these tips on staying active while you build your résumé.

Considering Grad School? 6 Degrees Well worth the Effort

graduate degrees

These grad school degree programs will put you at the forefront of cutting edge technology.

14 Educational YouTube Channels that Make Learning Fun

youtube channels for education

Digital technology has changed the way we learn by bringing innovative teaching into our homes and our hands.

4 Common Student Loan Repayment Misconceptions

student loan repayment

Student debt is an increasingly difficult problem and students are often at a loss as to the best ways to pay off their loans. Learn the facts and take charge of your finances.

5 College Scholarships for Summer 2015: Get ‘Em While They’re Hot!

college scholarships summer 2015

There’s never a wrong time to apply for college scholarships so keep searching and bookmarking the right scholarships for you during summer break.

3 Great Reasons to Study Abroad in Cuba

study abroad in Cuba

Besides improving your Spanish, there are many things to learn from taking a semester abroad in Cuba.

Experience Isn’t Everything: Why Higher Education Lands the Best Jobs

the advantages of higher education

Although work experience is valuable, an advanced degree is sometimes necessary to advance in your chosen career.