More Admissions Officers Looking Up Your Web Presence [INFOGRAPHIC]

Worried about your web presence affecting your chances of acceptance? Well, you’re right to be concerned! According to Kaplan’s most recent annual surveys20% of college admissions officers and 27% of business school admissions officers who have Googled an applicant; 24% of college admissions officers and 22% of business school admissions officers have visited an applicant’s Facebook page.

Thinking about going to law school after you graduate? 41% of law school admissions officers said they have Googled an applicant to learn more about them, while 37% have checked out an applicant on Facebook or other social networking site. Consider yourself warned!

While the majority of undergraduate admissions officers the StudentAdvisor team has talked to say they simply don’t have the time to Google or Facebook every applicant, you wouldn’t want your online presence impacting you in other areas. That flurry of tweets about how much you hate your roommate? It could be preventing you from landing an internship wanted! Those public party pictures on Facebook? You never know if they’re what’s keeping you from getting that first post-college job interview!

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Be Careful About What You Post

“Since Kaplan Test Prep first began surveying admissions officers on this topic in 2008, we’ve seen the growing influence of social media in the admissions process.  While social media is primarily used for recruiting, rather than evaluation, and traditional factors like standardized test scores, GPA and personal essays are still by far the most important admissions factors, it’s no longer uncommon for schools to check applicants’ digital trails as part of the admissions evaluation,” said Jeff Olson, vice president of data science, Kaplan Test Prep. “Our overall message for all students:  Since the Internet has a very long memory, use good judgment and be careful what you post.”

Do you think admissions officers should be snooping on the web presences of their applicants? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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