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Each week, LearningAdvisor will round up some of the biggest news stories on education technology, MOOCs, and their place in the non-traditional traditional education models.

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Latin America’s First MOOC

The São Paulo University (USP) and the company Veduca launched have launched the first Massive Open Online Course in Latin America, taught by USP professors through the platform. Veduca, which currently offers translation services for English-language courses, noticed that the majority of their students come from Brazil.  Venduca classes will be taught in Portugese.
Online Classes Fuel a Campus Debate

As many colleges are committing to offering more courses online, they are debating whether it is better to work with companies like Coursera,

or develop their own distribution models to move their traditional education courses online.

MOOCs Expand on College Campuses

MOOCs are becoming part of traditional education as universities begin to develop a hybrid model, taking some parts of traditional courses online. MOOCAdvisor Editor-in-Chief Dean Tsouvalas discusses the future of MOOCs and where their future is.

How the Internet Has Changed Education Forever

Carrie Kerpen discusses changing education and the future of online education, including MOOCs, certifications, bootcamps, and online degrees. She pontificates on where this will leave traditional education, and how learning has changed at every level.

Vice-chancellor survey dismisses Moocs threat

Vice-chancellors in the United Kingdom report that they do not find MOOCs a threat to their traditional education model, and think that they will eventually fade away.  Among other things, the report reads “[s]ector leaders are unimpressed by predictions that online alternatives will sweep away conventional providers of higher education, expressing confidence in the resilience of the established system to embrace and adapt to new ways of working.”

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