How MOOCs Benefit a Stay-at-Home Mom

How MOOCs Benefit a Stay at Home Mom

Have you ever heard the term MOOC? It stands for Massive Open Online Course. A MOOC is a virtual university class that has been made available to the masses. With all the new technology, and the continued advancing we see with technology, it really is no surprise that MOOC’s are becoming more popular, and made available from prestigious universities. Universities, most of us could only have dreamed of attending—Stanford and Princeton to name a few.

I began my higher education at a 2 year college. When I married I moved north and began attending a 4 year university. I soon became pregnant, and knew the place I wanted to be was home raising my children. So I finished the semester, and never went back. I love learning though. I feel it’s vital for our progression as a human race. Everyone should continue learning no matter their stage of life. I learned that home learning can be just as beneficial as a brick and mortar school.

I started browsing online colleges, but I didn’t want to go into more debt. We had plenty of my husband’s student loans piling up, and while I had attended the traditional brick and mortar school, I had managed to do so through scholarships and grants. So I put off my search for education while I continued reading and learning on my own.

I had a grand year, where I picked up every book I could on Abraham Lincoln, and the Civil War: including a history on the American Rifle. I soon discovered it wasn’t enough for me. I craved the set up of a class. I personally learned and retained the information better through a course designed for teaching. One day I overheard someone mention a local university offered some of their classes for free online. So I went to check it out.

My ears heard correctly, and I soon began my first MOOC through Brigham Young University’s free online courses. It was 2008, and the Presidential elections were upon us. I decided to continue my education with The Citizen’s Guide to American Politics course. I thoroughly enjoyed the setup of this new class. I could sit down at my computer, on my own time, and learn about something I felt important. A topic I was putting to use in my life, as I followed the Presidential election, and made my decisions on who to vote for. I could also not log into the course for a week or two at a time, and not worry that I was “skipping” class. I wasn’t. There was no teacher keeping attendance, no homework to turn in, and no money being spent.

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After the elections I got busy being a mom again. With 3 kids, I no longer had as much time as I once had. My priorities were to get through the day with everyone fed, happy, and alive. I periodically had a moment to browse the other free classes, but no time to really get into them—until this year. Now as the mother of 4 young children, and my life a little less crazy as I’ve gotten into a routine, I felt it was time to get back to my education. I wanted a course to help me grow in my personal ambitions, hobbies, and beliefs. So I went back to BYU’s list of courses, and decided to take the Strengthening Marriage and Family course.

My top desires are to be a loving wife, and mother. I want a home that is filled with love and order. I know this isn’t what every woman wants, but for me, this is where I feel my desires are. My goals have always been to be a mom. So I want to be the best mom I can. I’m excited to delve deeper into this course, and see what I can do to continue making my family and home my top priority and a place my kids will always want to be – as well as show my husband the care he deserves and needs as he provides as a our bread winner.

Of course, this is more a personal growth class for me. So I started looking into other classes as well. I found another neat site that offers video classes for hobbies—I’m taking the Gardening class and gearing up for a great season with my new backyard garden area. Once again, though, I can take it in my own time. I don’t have to rely on anyone else’s schedule, and I can access the class from anywhere, anytime I want.

If you’re like me, and crave education, but you have other priorities like kids, or you don’t have the money and would prefer to avoid debt—you should consider taking a MOOC. A simple Google search will bring up all kinds of courses you can take. You can narrow it down by subject, or even by university. Although the majority offer no credits, you can still continue learning and progressing by taking a web class. Good luck and happy learning!

Adelina Priddis

 Adelina Priddis

Adelina is a teacher’s wife and mother of 3 girls and 1 little boy. She puts  her heart into her home. DIY, home remodels, and baking are just some  of her favorite homemaking skills.

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