MOOCs For Baby-Boomers: 6 Courses You Never Took In College!

MOOCs For Baby-Boomers: 6 Courses You Never Took In College!

Would you like to take a class at Harvard on Monday and at Stanford on Wednesday? Maybe you’d liike to throw in a course from Yale on the weekend – with online learning it’s all possible!

Free online learning benefits the 50+ crowd.
Those of us who are over 50 years old can remember doing our homework with pen and paper, or maybe with an electric typewriter if we were lucky. By the time we reached college, computer punch cards were not out-of-date, and a web was still a place where real spiders crawled. Technology has come a long way since many of us went to school, and computer technology is certainly changing the way education is being delivered today, and to whom.

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Online learning has been available in schools for well-over a decade now, but only to a limited audience of students who were enrolled in courses at institutions utilizing the technology. By contrast, today’s new wave of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), brings learning to the masses for the first time in history, for FREE, through the internet.

Many MOOCs are college-level courses delivered by professors at top-ranked institutions. Others are courses designed by industry experts who want to share their knowledge with mass audiences. The list of MOOC providers continues to grow as the idea of free online learning for all is revolutionalizing the educational landscape. LearningAdvisor is a resource to help you navigate this brave new world of free online learning. Think about it, from the comfort of your living room you can now learn from an eclectic mix of professors and experts you never would have had access to before the internet made it possible!

What are MOOCs good for? Everything! Whether you want to advance your careerchange careerslearn a new skill, or just learn for fun, there’s a MOOC for that. Most MOOCs do not yet offer college credit, but they do cover all the traditional academic topics and branch out into new subjects which didn’t exist back in our college days.

If you’ve never taken a MOOC (or even if you have), think about all the things you couldn’t learn then that you need to know now.

Here’s a list of 6 courses available through MOOCAdvisor to help get you started:

1.    Computer Science 101
This popular self-paced course from Stanford University is designed for people with little to no knowledge of computer programming. Whether you’re wondering what programming is like, or you just want to understand the “magic” going on behind your computer screen every day, CS101 is a fun, no-pressure place to start.

2.       Introduction To Computer Science I
This new course from Harvard University is for a student with a little more mathematical aptitude than CS101, but entry level none-the-less. Covered topics will include subjects like algorithms, data structures, software engineering and programming languages. This class offers the extra benefit of certification to passing students.

3.       Gamification
Gamification is an increasingly popular new strategy in the business world for applying the techniques of digital game design to non-game problems. What does that mean? Sign up for this course from the University of Pennsylvania to find out!

4.       How To Build a Start-Up: the LearnLaunch Pad
How-To’s are among the most popular free online courses available, and this MOOC from Udacity is a great place to start for anyone who may be thinking of re-careeing as a small business owner.

5.       Internet History, Technology, and Security
The internet has changed the way we communicate, the way we do business, and ultimately, the way we live our lives. Why not learn to understand ALL its implications in today’s world? This MOOC, taught by Dr. Charles Severance, a pioneer of online learning, promises to inform students about “important technological issues currently facing society.”

6.       Documenting Your Experiences For College Credit
If you’ve ever thought about going back to college, you should know that your life and work experiences can be leveraged into college credit when presented the right way. This course from Kaplan University Open Learning will walk you through the process with easy-to-follow self-paced lessons and expert guidance.

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Do you think MOOCs will revolutionize higher education? 

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