Money in Medicine: 4 Medical Degrees with Killer Salaries

best money in medicine

The health care industry is constantly growing and providing new opportunities for degree holders. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the health care industry is expected to grow by eighteen percent through the year 2018. As salaries hit the stratosphere, more and more students are wondering, where’s the best money in medicine?

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Check out these four medical degrees commanding top salaries in the health care field:


You can have a killer salary in the medical field without even being a doctor. A pharmacist makes an average annual salary of $116,670. The primary role of the pharmacist is to interact with patients and prescribe medications and treatments. A pharmacist must have an in-depth knowledge about the compositions, properties, and effects of medicines. Then, the pharmacist is required to explain the proper dosage procedures to patients. You can become a top earning pharmacist by completing a four-year graduate program that results in a doctorate of pharmacy (a Pharm D).

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Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Working in maternal fetal medicine is both financially and personally rewarding. For example, Dr. Gilbert W. Webb has cared for more than a hundred thousand patients and delivered more than eight thousand babies. To work in this field, you need a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) plus residency and fellowship programs. Dr. Webb completed his Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship at Emory University and now works as a medical director and specialist. According to, the average annual salary for degree holders in this field is $396,151.


Certified registered nurse anesthetists or (CRNA)s have one of the highest earning salaries in the medical field. They typically earn an average of $164,384 a year. Their role goes far beyond simply administering anesthesia to patients before medical procedures. The job is a pressure-cooker as CRNAs must also monitor a patient’s vital signs, keep airway paths open, and have a mastery of surgical practices, even if they never hold a scalpel themselves. A certified registered nurse anesthetist must have a bachelor’s degree in nursing, a nursing license, and a master’s degree in anesthesia.


Medical specialists are among the highest paid workers in the health care field. Cardiologists are heart specialists and only work on the cardiovascular system. Some cardiologists perform internal medicine while others just diagnose and treat heart conditions. The degree requirements for this field include a four-year bachelor’s degree, an MD from an accredited medical school, and a six-year residency specializing in cardiology. A cardiologist can expect to earn up to $560,895 a year on the highest end, according to

The medical field is filled with lucrative careers, especially when you specialize your education. Be sure to get your education from accredited universities, and understand the length of the investment necessary for these careers. With foresight and determination, you can have a profitable career in which you can also work for the well-being of others.

Sources: Data for salary information comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and

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