Mobile College Tour Apps: How to Visit Campus, Without Visiting Campus

By Aubree Smith

stony brook university mobile tour appAs college-bound students across the country digest acceptance, rejection, and waitlist letters, the focus for the next wave of prospective students and their families is on the beginning of the hunt: the college search. And this wave of high school juniors and seniors are scouring the Internet from their laptops, iPad2’s, and Android phones to compare – arguably more acutely than ever – all that schools have to offer online. One trend that is picking up substantial steam is schools that offer virtual campus tours, and companies like YourCampus360 are leading the way.

The Benefits for Prospective Students and Families

Students and their families are always encouraged to visit campuses in person, as there is no true substitute, but in the case of families who want to learn more about a school early on and throughout the process of their college search, many schools are now providing YourCampus360 online walking tours. These tours are also an excellent option for international students and in the case of families who are not able to visit every school on their list. Not only is cutting-edge technology bringing a stunning level of reality to virtual tours, but visitors are able to take the tours from anywhere and at any time.

Visitors can take a guided, 3-D tour of campus and explore each building and feature. They can also view videos, photos and interactive 360-degreee panoramas.  This is an excellent opportunity for visitors to formulate questions for the school, and they are able to make inquiries and apply online directly from the virtual tours.

How to Access These Tours

Tour access varies depending on the school, but many schools such as Syracuse University and Stony Brook University have adapted to an increasingly mobile audience and have made their campus available across all platforms: via their EDU websites, Facebook Pages, iPhone/iPad/iTouch, and Android phones.

Aubree Smith is a member of the YourCampus360 team, a group of  New York City-based experts in higher education marketing technology. YourCampus360 leads the industry in creating virtual experiences that connect schools with prospective students across all of the most popular platforms: EDU websites, mobile devices, Facebook, YouTube, and more.

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