Medical Careers 101: “The Other Jobs”

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If you’ve ever considered a medical profession, but aren’t interested in becoming a nurse or a doctor, there are many other medical careers you can consider. Students interested in working in any medical career should successfully complete science and mathematics classes and, to determine a favorite health care occupation, consider volunteering at a hospital or nursing home to observe employees working both behind-the-scenes and directly with patients.

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Below is an brief overview of some of the “other” medical careers that are increasingly in demand and provide job security.

Certified Nursing Assistants 

Average Salary: $26,738

One of the fastest medical jobs to enter is certified nursing assisting with short-term educational programs that only last a few months. In addition, with the huge increase of the aging population, jobs are plentiful at assisted living centers in every location throughout the United States. In many cases, someone can take classes for free at a senior living home by agreeing to work there for a certain amount of time.

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Surgical Technologist 

Average Salary: $41,818

Anyone who wants to work in a surgical setting but not attend college for many years can become a technologist. A surgical technologist assists surgeons, registered nurses and anesthesiologists in the operating room. Surgical technologists might help to prepare patients by collecting vital medical statistics or setup an operating room correctly with equipment and tools. Attending a community college to receive an associate degree is essential to enter this medical career.

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Average Salary: $31,203

Drawing blood from patients is a specialized skill that requires enrolling in classes at a college. Beginning level phlebotomists can work with a certificate or associate degree that includes courses in biology, anatomy and communication. Anyone working as a phlebotomist must understand how to prevent the spread of infection from body fluids by wearing protective garments and using safe blood draw protocols. A phlebotomist must remain calm in all circumstances because patients are often frightened about having blood drawn.


Average Salary: $69,893

Earning a bachelor’s degree in sonography is an excellent way to begin a medical career. Also known as radiographers, this medical professional is responsible for getting three-dimensional images of the human body’s internal structures such as bones and organs. Without clear medical images, patients could not have an accurate diagnosis of a cancerous growth, broken bone or decayed tooth. Sonographers work in both emergency and non-emergency situations at medical and dental facilities.

Emergency Medical Technician 

Average Salary: $32,113

Emergency medical technicians are the first medical professional to arrive at the scene of a vehicle accident to help injured victims. Someone with a life threatening health condition such as a stroke or heart attack requires an EMT at their home or workplace as quickly as possible. Studying this medical career often only takes a few months of training at a local community college to learn essential first aid skills such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

How to Have a Successful Career

Each type of medical career requires particular skills such as physical strength for emergency medical technicians or visual acuity for phlebotomists. It is important for students to consider their weaknesses and strengths when enrolling in a health care training program to have a successful career.

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  1. Luisa G. Sherman Mar 25, 2015 at 1:50 AM

    I’ve worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant in a long term care facility for 10 years yet I can’t earn the average salary that you’ve stated here! I guess it really varies on the location.

    Luisa G. Sherman
    Aspen Court Cambridge, MA 02138

  2. Tom Wills Aug 7, 2015 at 2:34 AM

    Yeah, each type of medical career requires particular skills. It’s important to be confident in your duties and comfortable working with individuals from all walks of life. If you’re not sure what you’d like to do in a medical field career, here are a few options you could explore in a healthcare career. You can get a better overview of healthcare careers with the help of this article.

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