Making the Grade: 4 Ways to Manage Your Time in College

 how to manage your time in college

College is a difficult time for many people, because it is often the first time a young person is on their own and independent. College is meant to be a time for education and training while also being a locus of social interaction, personal growth, and building connections, so there are many competing goals and distractions. To help young students divide up their time efficiently and get the most of their years at school, I’ve written this post to give you the top 4 ways to stay organized with your time.

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1. Plan Your Week

Make a spreadsheet with all of your classes and their meeting times. Then each week add in any extra obligations or due dates. That way, you always know what you need to do in advance and you can plan your social activities around your obligations. Color-code the times and events by class so you can understand it at a glance.

2. Do Work as You Get It

One of the biggest traps that college students run into is leaving their work to the last minute. This may have worked in high school, but in college, some projects are just going to take more time than you have if you push it out towards its deadline. It’s better to bite the bullet and get it out of the way as soon as possible.

3. Schedule Study Time

Cramming for exams can waste a lot of time and give you extra stress. Instead, take a half an hour or so each day to review your notes from that day’s classes. It will save you a lot of time during exams, because you will already have a solid foundation.

Scheduling study time for online courses, like this online LLM program, can be more flexible than it is for regular classes and many students are opting for these innovative opportunities. Consider doing everything you can to make a proper schedule of your time and you will be sure to stay on top of your work.

4. Find a Dedicated Workplace

Your campus will have several potential places for you to study: your room; the library; the outdoors; even unused classrooms. Find out what works best for you and your sensibilities. That way, you will be comfortable and make the most of your study time. This is probably the most overlooked and under-appreciated piece of study advice available.

These ideas all have one common thread—you need to get your schoolwork out of the way before spending time on other things. There will be plenty of time for everything else once you get your work done first. The more organized you are and the more you finish work in advance, the less stressed you will be in the long run. You will actually have more time to relax when everyone else is cramming at the last minute.

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