Jump Start the College Planning Process

By Beth Fredericks, M.Ed., Special to StudentAdvisor.com

Researching and choosing a college is an important descision that requires a lot of time and energy for your child and your family. Make sure to encourage your child to start looking into colleges when they first start high school – and not to wait until their senior year. While they do not need to make a final descision, it is a good idea to start familiarizing them with the college planning process so they know how it works.

Jump Start the College Planning ProcessENCOURAGE YOUR CHILD TO:

  • Get to know the school’s guidance counselor. They will be a vital part of your child’s college search process, so it’s beneficial to develop a good relationship from the start
  • Explore different interests and options for college and careers
  • Enroll in the appropriate college-prep and tech-prep courses
  • Take a foreign language. It today’s evolving world it is helpful to know more than one language to communicate with peers and other business professionals
  • Stay focused on getting good grades
  • Take advantage of career-day or career fair opportunities
  • Get involved in extracurricular activities, clubs, or sports
  • Continue or begin a savings plan for college
  • Visit friends and relatives that are away at different colleges to get a sense of what it is really like
  • Check out different summer enrichment programs
  • Visit StudentAdvisor.com and try our college matchmaker feature

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Beth Fredericks holds a BA in Education and an M.Ed in Early Childhood Development, and is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University, and Tufts University. She is a parenting educator, community builder, and advocate for children and families.

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