Johns Hopkins Outranks Harvard on New Top Social Media Colleges List

By Dean Tsouvalas Editor-in-Chief

top 100 social media colleges mayThe latest StudentAdvisor Top 100 Social Media Colleges list features 17 newcomers, 44 climbers and several schools taking a hit in the rankings after a March Madness boost from the NCAA Basketball Tournament. The latest rankings, which cover April 2011, show that the end of the semester has curbed a substantial amount of social networking, as the Harvard University Twitter group @HarvardSocial that we touted last month has been dormant and, partly, as a result Harvard University has lost its No. 1 spot in our rankings.

Meanwhile Johns Hopkins University continues to innovate and has become the Top Social Media college according to our latets rankings. For example in a recent post on the Hopkins Insider blog, graduating senior Lauren Carney had this to say:

“In the four years I have worked for the Undergraduate Admissions Office at Johns Hopkins University, Hopkins Interactive has come a long way. I’ve seen us move from a tiny, forgotten corner of the admissions website to our own dedicated, interactive domain. I’ve seen us grow in size from 12 students to nearly 30. I’ve seen videos produced; blogs become smarter, ideas become more creative and more in tune with our audience of prospective students. I’ve seen our work advertised by all departments at the university with pride and have seen us win national awards for our social media outreach.”

Three other colleges not only rocketed onto the list but also landed in the top 25.  Each had been percolating but with their end-of-the-year activities proved, they easily are some of the most socially savvy schools.

  • The Ohio State University landed at number five. In a clever use of their home page to entice social media engagement, the university invited fans of all ages to show their pride by adding their image of OHIO. As of now they are more than 8000 uploaded images strong.
  • Louisiana State University easily broke into the top of the list, landing at number nine thanks to the end of the year engagement of the student Digital Media Fest, now in its fifth year of showcasing undergraduates’ creative and intellectual digital media  projects.
  • Another school that we welcome to our Top 100 list, and in fact have been waiting for, is Texas A&M.  We’ve been following Texas A&M since it was the third school to collaborate with Foursquare and have grown their engagement almost 10,000 friends through innovative programs such as its  social media scavenger hunt. Additionally Texas A&M was one of the first 16 schools to launch iTunes U.

Other trends to note from our updated rankings:

These nine schools saw dramatic movement either up or down by at least 30 spots.

University of Hawaii-West Oahu +39 up
Arizona State University +45 up
Rush University +38 up
Barnard College +41 up
Syracuse University -34 down
Baylor University -35 down
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill -41 down
Clemson University -41 down
Biola University -39 down


View the full Top 100 Social Media Colleges list.



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