Job Market For New College Grads in 2011 Favors Internship Experience

By David Kimmelman

job market new grads 2011The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) is predicting that the hire rate for new college grads in 2011 will increase by 19% after a decline of 22% in the previous year. These are certainly positive signs of job growth but that does not mean that it’s guaranteed that new grads will get a job.

Why Those With Internships Standout to HR

College students that have worked as interns in their field of endeavor throughout their college career are significantly more likely to acquire the type of job they are looking for versus those students that did not serve as interns. That does not mean employers will not hire the non-interns, but they will have to be that much better at networking and interviewing than their counterparts who have already acquired some practical experience in their field.

The Stigma Against Hiring Millennials

New college grads need to be aware that there is a growing skepticism amongst hiring managers that these new workers do not want to work hard to prove themselves and have the patience it takes to climb the corporate ladder. It is not fair to lump every young grad into this bucket, but our society loves to label people and in most cases people’s perceptions become their reality.

Therefore, jobseeker beware! Know that you are heading into this perception be it right or wrong, and be prepared to prove to prospective employers that you are well prepared for your interview, and be prepared to show examples of your work ethic, passion and desire to deliver nothing short of great results. Do this well and you are likely to separate yourself from the rest of the pack.

David Kimmelman is Director of Product for, a career and job management site that brings more personalized guidance, expertise, information and jobs, to jobseekers. David has almost 20 years of HR and Staffing experience serving in roles from high tech recruiter to VP of HR, and he has also worked on the vendor side of HR as VP of Business Development for companies like Lee Hecht Harrison, BrassRing (now Kenexa) and the Human Capital Institute.

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