iTunes U Now Offers Free E-Books, From Textbooks to Shakespeare

itunes UiTunes announced earlier this week that Oxford and Open University in the UK and Rice University in Texas have all added free digital e-books to the lectures, lab demonstrations, and other materials available on iTunes U, Apple’s educational area in its iTunes Store.

iTunes U had not offered e-books before now, so if more schools adopt this way of distributing their materials, it could be a viable way of saving students money and moving higher education further into the digital realm.

From the Chronicle of Higher Education:

Rice published 18 of the most popular textbooks from Connexions, its open-education project, including titles on business and computing. That content was already available for free, but Joel Thierstein, executive director of Connexions, said its inclusion on iTunes U was still a big deal. “It’s a way for institutions to become familiar with open-education textbooks without having to find our site,” he said.

Do you have an e-reader? Or do you prefer the “old fashioned” paper books? What are your thoughts on textbooks becoming digital? Let us know in the comments!

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