How Online Learners Benefit Through Social Media


Online learners can truly benefit thanks to a variety of online platforms and social media tools. Educational social networks are one-of-a-kind, and working in classrooms with educational social networking applications offers a number of remarkable advantages.

Interactive and effective tools

They offer interactive and effective tools for teaching and learning. The integration of tools and applications (blogs, forums, chat, email, electronic messaging) provides a very suitable setting for the practice of most of the activities in online environments. Furthermore, they allow a teacher who uses these resources to teach their students to properly acquire skills to fend for themselves. This way, it is possible to keep learning about a specific subject in an accelerated process of change and transformation. 

Not only does it allow the transfer of knowledge and collaboration among people, but it also develops technological skills that are necessary to operate in diverse and complex contexts. They enable students to develop skills and attitudes such as socialization, teamwork and the importance of sharing.

Digital identity and social processes

They help teachers and students become aware of the importance of digital identity and social processes of participation, opinion formation and decision making that characterize a democratic and advanced society. It is worth noting that this new paradigm allows students to learn how to “do things.” Thus, cognitive processes evolve through processing and manipulating information, developing what is known as high-level cognitive abilities, such as reasoning, the ability to synthesize and analyze, and decision-making.

They are, from the point of view of top teachers, a great opportunity for learning, continuing education and professional development as well as an increasingly common scenario for exchanging experiences, news and personal contact.  Moreover, they offer unparalleled opportunities for the dissemination of educational activity and institutional schools.

Implementation in education

Taking into account all these possibilities (and also regarding the risks that could result from a wrong and ill-considered use of social networks), it is nearly an unbeatable possibility. The use of social networks as teaching tools and teaching is part of the evolution of new technologies and education. Social networks specializing in educational issues have been placed as a reference for teachers’ worldwide communities. Truth is, it’s hard to imagine life without the use of technology in that it has streamlined our activities and has opened new and more distant horizons in all areas. Education is no exception, we can now find all kinds of online academic tools, teachers and teaching for teachers and students to expand and share their experience and knowledge exercise.  

As an example, we could mention the implementation of distance education, educational video games, open source and recent online social networks that specialize in educational issues; while they advance slowly, they have been placed as a reference for educational communities worldwide. All in all, this is just a great way to enhance the online learning process. Plus, students can even consider the use of new tablets that bring a wide array of benefits. These devices are impeccable and deliver versatility and portability to study on the go.


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