High School Students: Top 5 Reasons You Should Watch Connecticut College’s New Google+ Hangout Series

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by Jeff Puklin, Connecticut College
for StudentAdvisor.com

At Connecticut College, we’re constantly looking for ways to give prospective students an authentic view of campus life. Through the creation of a new campus Twitter account(@ConnCollegeLive), a pair of campus contests (Student Minute ContestCamel Photo Contest) and our admission counselors’ involvement with Twitter (They all have active accounts), we’ve dedicated ourselves to being on the forefront of college admission transparency.

Our new Google+ Hangout series is a way for prospective students and parents all over the world to learn about the transition from high school to college and what makes Connecticut College great. This web series is designed to give our students a chance to share their stories with prospective students in the most interactive way possible – through a live video show and a tweet chat. It’s easy to use – anyone can watch and anyone with a Twitter account can log in and submit questions.

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Here are five reasons you should tune in to our next Google+ Hangout:

Get the full story:

Whether you’re anxious or excited about your transition to college, it’s always nice to hear current students’ perspectives (especially students who just went through the process).

Many colleges offer a random assortment of videos on YouTube or their own websites, but with Google+, Connecticut College has taken it a step further, instituting a comprehensive series of interactive Hangouts consisting of 11 live-streamed sessions over three months. Each themed session takes place at 7 p.m. with a new panel of students, a new special guest and a new admissions counselor hosting the show each week.

So far, we’ve chatted about everything from campus life to study abroad to getting accustomed to residential life. (Check out the complete list)

You dictate the show:

We decided to partner the Google+ Hangout with a tweet chat, which gives us the ability to address student and parent questions in real time, on air. It’s pretty simple – all you have to do is tweet using the hashtag #CChangouts. If you don’t have a Twitter account, we’ll show you how to sign up for one on our website: (www.conncoll.edu/cchangouts).

Tweet us a question during the session and we’ll throw it over to the session host, who will incorporate it into the discussion – sometimes asking student or staff and faculty panelists to use pictures and videos to supplement their answers. It’s a seamless experience that’s designed to help students get their questions answered as directly as possible.

This marriage of video and Twitter has worked beautifully so far. We’ve received questions from students tuning in from all over the world, including from as far as Egypt, Pakistan and Sweden. Check out the hashtag on Twitter to view some of the questions (search #CChangouts).

Obviously, choosing a college is a big decision. Our hope is that you will use these Hangouts as a resource to make an informed decision.

Not available? That’s okay, they’re on demand:

If you’re not around at 7 p.m. to hang out with us live, you can watch any of the previous sessions at any time by going to www.conncoll.edu/cchangouts. You’ll see a list of recorded sessions, as well as headshots of our admissions counselors and links to their Twitter and email accounts.

Can’t make it to the show but want to ask a question? Our admissions counselors are available via email or Twitter (they’re all Twitter rock stars). The college also has two very active Twitter accounts, @ConnCollege  and @ConnCollegeLive, which is specifically designed to give followers an inside look at what’s happening on campus. Basically, we’re here for you. We’d love to hear from you if you have a comment, concern or just want to say hi.

Follow Connecticut College admissions counselors on Twitter to learn about campus happenings, when they’re traveling to your school and other fun stuff (see Admission do the “Camel Shake”).

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No need to leave your bed (or your name):

In this day and age, prospective students feel the pressure to travel, interview and contact every school that they’re interested in. What if you’re not ready to shell out the money for gas, or the plane ticket from halfway across the country? What if you’re not ready to receive a million promotional brochures from all the schools you’re interested in? Enter: Connecticut College’s new Google+ Hangout Series.

With this technology, whether you’re a stealth applicant or saving money on travel, you can engage with admissions counselors, talk to current students and learn about the campus with a tap of a screen or a click of a mouse.

Once you’ve watched and decided that Connecticut College is the right place for you, we encourage you to visit in person. Come see the campus, talk with a professor, have lunch in a dining hall and experience Connecticut College for yourself!

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There’s more where that came from:

In addition to the admission-hosted series of 11 shows, we’re adding four faculty-hosted sessions with a similar format. These Hangouts are designed to give prospective students and members of our online communities a chance to engage in an intellectual dialogue with Connecticut College students, faculty and staff.

Interested in Psychology? Maybe you’re more of a philosophy buff? Hang out with Connecticut College faculty and students and see what it’s like to be part of a college classroom discussion.

Tune in for our next Google+ Hangout about Diversity at Connecticut College, on Thursday, April 18, at 7 p.m. – www.conncoll.edu/cchangouts!


And don’t forget to ask your questions by tweeting with the hashtag #CChangouts.

jeff-puklinJeff Puklin is the new media producer/ community manager at Connecticut College in New London, Conn. He has a degree in media and communication.

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