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staying healthy in college

Entering college is a big step for any young adult. It is exciting, fun, adventurous, and frightening all at once. Attending college means adjusting to living in a new environment, possibly a dormitory and living life on your own. Students must learn to make new friends and take classes that may be challenging. In the midst of all this excitement, it is vital to remember the importance of maintaining good health. While you’re on your own, do what you can to protect your immune system and keep healthy so you never miss a day of class. These healthy living tips for college life will help stay at your best.

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College invariably brings irregular hours into your life, with late night studying and classes that may take place during a mealtime. If possible, classes should be scheduled around normal mealtimes. Making regular mealtimes a priority helps to avoid eating junk food, such as candy bars and soft drinks. The body requires food every 3-5 hours in order to keep the blood sugar high enough to maintain concentration. Most colleges offer small refrigerators that can be rented for the duration of the school year. This makes it possible to purchase baby carrots, celery, apples, oranges, and prunes for healthy snacks. Prunes are mentioned, because the bland food from the cafeteria can cause constipation. Keeping a supply of milk and yogurt ensures adequate calcium and vitamin D as well. Especially for women, the college years are a vital time for the body to form bone that can be stored and later drawn upon during pregnancy and lactation.

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Vitamins and Supplements

Supplementing meals with a multi-vitamin that includes calcium and vitamin D is essential. Taking extra vitamin C provides antioxidants and boosts the immune system. Take supplements when you feel you need them and use them to help build immunity to common diseases that are all over campus.

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

The necessity for sleep cannot be overstated for student health. The college student’s body requires approximately the same amount of sleep as a teenager. In fact, many of them are still technically teenagers in the first few years. Too many students put off studying, party every night of the week, or work late shifts and their sleep suffers. Your body is still growing and you need time to rest for your  physical and mental well-being. Instead of cramming for a test, study the essentials the night before and try to sleep right after. Your memory will be able to store more information and you’ll be better rested and alert for the exam.

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Alcohol and Drugs

It goes without saying that alcohol and drugs harm any student’s health if they aren’t careful. Consuming alcohol not only causes weight gain from the drink itself, but it stimulates the appetite. Drugs can also cause negative effects on your health. If possible, try to avoid them both during the school year.

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Wisdom Teeth

This is a matter that should be dealt with before entering college, if possible. According to a wisdom teeth study, these teeth frequently become embedded and cause inflammation and pain if they aren’t removed early on. It is best to have wisdom teeth removal done at the beginning of the year or before you even start, thereby preventing future pain and trouble that may interfere with the ability to attend class and study.

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Preparing for and attending college is one of the most exciting periods of a young person’s life. It involves decisions that will affect your entire future. One thing that could block that bright future is loss of health. You carry the key to preventing disease and bad health. By eating fresh fruits and vegetables, getting enough sleep, developing effective study habits, and avoiding alcohol and drugs, the future is for the taking!

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