Fun Things to Do in College That Don’t Involve Drinking

By Ken Procaccianti

hammered dot orgSo, I heard you don’t eat broccoli. Why not?  Are you a recovering broccoli addict?  Do you not eat broccoli for religious reasons?  Did you have a bad experience with broccoli?

Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?  Why would anyone care so much that you don’t eat this member of the cabbage family?

Well, replace “broccoli” with “drinking” or “alcohol” and those are questions I’ve received all my life.

I don’t drink. And, it’s not because I’m a recovering alcoholic or really religious. I don’t drink because I’ve always been able to have fun without it, even in college.

I entered college as a member of the men’s soccer team. An injury in my sophomore year derailed my athletic aspirations, and without two-a-days on my schedule, I suddenly had a lot of free time. I was instantly struck by what seemed like a huge void of fun stuff to do around campus for people like me who didn’t want to get sloshed every night.

Soon thereafter, I started to showcase the many ways to have a good time without alcohol and other drugs. Rather than preach to fellow students, demonstrates that you can have fun without booze for one night of your weekend, your entire life, or anytime in between. Here’s how you can have fun without drinking:

how to have fun without drinking

Free is good.

Don’t rule out an event because it is free. On, we often highlight free festivals, concerts, fairs, movie screenings and a lot more. Not only will you have a great time, it’ll cost you less than a Natty Ice.

Fun, out-of-the-ordinary and sometimes offbeat.

Keep it interesting. Check out the local independent movie theatre’s midnight shows. Look for free student admission at local museums. Eat some good food at international cultural festivals. Flash mobs may have jumped the shark, but keep your eye out anyway for some impromptu public shenanigans.

Be a tourist.

Be a tourist in your own city, minus the fanny pack and fold-out map. You’re most likely living in a new place. Check it out. See the sights. Do all the touristy stuff. Don’t take it for granted because four years from now, someone from back home will ask, “how is that <insert major landmark>?” and you won’t have an answer.

Still looking for ideas? Check out We do the work for you by digging through all the pub crawls, happy hours and beer pong tournaments to find fun stuff to do without alcohol, drugs or ping pong balls. After all, meeting people and having fun at college shouldn’t be limited to screaming in someone’s ear while standing on the sticky floor of a house party or bar.

Ken Procaccianti is the founder and CEO of showcases fun local stuff to do without booze. currently serves the Boston area and will soon be expanding to other cities. Sign up for the free weekly email at, like ‘em on Facebook and follow ‘em on Twitter.


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