Five Easy TV & Film College Halloween Costumes

For most, being a TV or film character for Halloween means paying upwards of 50 dollars for a plastic Batman or Avengers costume with all the official logos. However, you can take this Halloween to make a much easier and just as fun character. These are our ideas for great DIY TV and film college Halloween costumes this year – what are yours? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook.

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1. Sheldon Cooper: The Big Bang Theory


Putting together a Sheldon Cooper outfit is easy! Sheldon always wears a superhero t-shirt over a long sleeve t-shirt, corderoys and sneakers. If you don’t have these things around, try any thrift or comic book store. If people aren’t sure who you are supposed to be, try carrying some lab equipment!




2. Leslie Knope: Parks and Recreation


To make a Leslie costume, wear a fitted pant-suit with a blouse. Wear a “Knope 2012” button and remember to channel all of Leslie’s list of amazing women.





3. Katniss: The Hunger Games


Katniss wears a black jumpsuit throughout most of The Hunger Games, which you can replicate easily with any black clothing. Use some colored tape for piping and carry a toy bow-and arrow! Don’t forget the side braid and mockingjay pin.




4. Catwoman: The Dark Knight Rises


Anne Hathaway played a super-subtle Catwoman, which is perfectly easy to recreate as a Halloween costume! Wear any all-black outfit, pick up some classy cat-ears and add some red lip stick. Bam! You’re Selina Kyle!




5. The Study Group: Community


The best thing about dressing up like someone from Community? They are all regular college students (kind of)! You can likely figure out which member of the gang matches your regular style and go from there. To make sure everyone knows who you are, try a “Greendale Community College” bag, or Troy and Abed in The Morning mug.

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