Featured StudentAdvisor Verified Advisor: Timothy Dawson

By Dean Tsouvalas
StudentAdvisor Editor-in-Chief

One of the most amazing things about asking questions about college on StudentAdvisor is that you get incredible advice from our Verified Advisors. What’s a Verified Advisor? When you see that green check mark badge on someone’s StudentAdvisor profile it means that they’ve been approved by the StudentAdvisor team as being an expert in an area pertaining to college. Our Verified Advisors bring transparency to getting information online about getting in and staying in college. The Verified Advisor community plays a huge role in making StudentAdvisor the home of trusted college conversations.

Many of our Verified Advisors work in college admissions offices around the country and offer tremendously helpful insights. Today we wanted to feature one of our Verified Advisors who’s always giving top notch advice to college-bound students. Get to know more about Harrisburg University’s Timothy Dawson in his Featured Advisor profile below:

Verified Advisor Name:

Timothy Dawson


Director of Admissions and Enrollment Systems at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

Colleges Attended:

Messiah College

Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus

Activity on StudentAdvisor: 

Member of StudentAdvisor Groups:

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