Facebook Timeline: New Privacy Concerns for College Students [VIDEO]

By Sam Coren
StudentAdvisor.com Staff

Thought you were comfortable adjusting privacy settings on your Facebook profile after the last round of changes? Get ready:  privacy settings are about to change yet again for the social networking juggernaut. While some users have had Facebook’s new Timeline-style profile through the developer application, it has finally started to roll out officially to all users this week.

But there’s more to this slick new photo-centric Facebook profile than meets the eye. WCBV Boston’s Newscenter spoke with StudentAdvisor’s Dean Tsouvalas and Ashley Jones in addition to Emerson College student Anum Hussain about Facebook Timeline’s privacy issues:

facebook timeline

What you should do once you get Facebook Timline:

When your profile transitions to Timline you have 7 days to delete posts and pictures before  they get published to your new profile.

  • Go through post by post starting with the year you joined Facebook and click the pencil next to each post to adjust the settings.
  • Use the “View  as” feature (accesible via the on the bottom right of your cover photo) to preview what certain friends are able to see.
  • Log out of Facebook to see what’s viewable on your public profile to a user who isn’t signed in.
  • Be mindful of the privacy settings on each new post you publish – if you posted a public update the next time you go to post something, it may still be stuck on the “Public” setting.


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