Dorm Room Ideas: When to Save & When to Splurge [VIDEO]

By Sam Coren Staff

dean on necn dorm ideasSo you’ve unpacked your parents’ minivan and claimed the upper bunk, but something seems a bit “off” about this new dorm room now that you’ve just moved into. You and your roommates are struggling to figure out how you can make four cinderblock walls feel more cozy and less like a jail cell. Luckily for you, StudentAdvisor Editor-in-Chief Dean Tsouvalas knows a thing or to about sprucing up a dorm room after organizing this year’s Ultimate Dorm Living Guide.

This morning, Dean was invited by the hosts of NECN’s The Morning Show to give the rundown dorm room ideas that can ease the transition from home to residence hall. Better yet? Dean’s got dorm shopping suggestions for students on any budget. He won’t just give you the scoop on the coolest new gadgets, but also some serious money-saving dorm must-haves that won’t destroy your wallet.

Find out when to splurge or save on your dorm room shopping list and check out the video below:


Photo: @SteveNECN


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