Dorm Room Essentials: What I Can’t Live Without at College

Every student knows that a notebook and pencil are part of the college essentials when it comes time to pack up for a semester at school, but what are the other, more obscure items that every college student needs? Based upon recently written Student College Reviews, the Student Advisor Team put together a list of the various dorm room items college students cannot live without.

Here are the highlights from recent student college reviews by current college students revealing their dorm room essentials:



Jane T., a freshman at the University of Delaware and fellow Freshman Mike H., from SUNY Binghamton both agree that every college student needs a laptop. Lauren M., a senior from Saint Anselm says, “I can’t live without my computer. I am on it 24/7 and I love doing work in my room versus the library.”


Closet Organizers:

closet_organizer_dorm_essentialsAccording to Mary R., a junior at the University of Connecticut, hanging closet organizers are a must. Junior Alex S. from Sweet Briar College agrees saying that, “I cannot live without my drop down closet organizers- there’s no way I could fit everything I needed to in a dorm closet without them.” Another closet essential for dorm rooms are lots and lots of hangers, according to Christy W., a junior at the University of Delaware who believes they are “one of the biggest necessities” for a college student.


mattress_topper_dorm_essentialMattress Topper:

As a junior at Averett University, Alexandra P. insists that her foam and feather mattress topper is the one item she could not live without at school. According to Alexandra, “The beds at school are so hard and that [her mattress topper] makes them feel soft and enjoyable to sleep in.”


dry_erase_dorm_essentialDry Erase Board:

University of Vermont junior, Chrissi E., says that, “I absolutely cannot live without my dry-erase board calendar!” Chrissi continues on to say that, “There are so many things going on between academics and your social life that I can never remember deadlines and events, so I use my calendar to organize my life. I can always keep track of what’s going on and when!”


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