Dogs and Dorms: 4 Paws Program Lets College Students Foster Service Dogs

service dog 4 paws for abilityFor some college students, saying goodbye to their four-legged friends when they go off to college is tough. But what if you could fill that void for quality puppy time and help a child with a disability? The 4 Paws for Ability University Program connects service dogs in training with student volunteers for a semester long fostering commitment. For 4 Paws student volunteers every day is take your dog to class day!

But with the fun of having a dog again comes a lot of responsibility. Students must take the dog wherever they go and attend regular meetings for training. And of course, there’s that hard goodbye to make when the dog’s fostering time comes to an end for service placement.

There are 5 different colleges in Ohio and Kentucky participating in the program with 36 dogs currently being fostered by students for the Spring 2012 semester. Since 1998, 4 Paws for Ability, based out of Xenia, Ohio, has placed over 600 service dogs with the majority being to  children with Autism, seizure disorders, mobility impairments, hearing impairments, and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.  Read more…

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