Compare Colleges: University of Nebraska vs. University of Wisconsin

By Sam Coren Staff

nebraska vs wisconsinThis Saturday it’s the mega match up Huskers football fans have been craving since the move to the Big Ten conference. With both teams boasting a 4-0 record so far in the 2011 season, even casual college football fans are brimming with excitement over this weekend’s upcoming Nebraska vs. Wisconsin game.

But how do these powerhouse Big Ten colleges compare off the gridiron? To celebrate the big game, the StudentAdvisor team took a peak at the undergrad admissions stats for both schools:

University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Location: Lincoln, NE

In State Tuition: $6,248

Out of State Tuition: $18,532

ACT Scores:  22 – 29 Composite

SAT Scores: Math – 670 , Verbal – 670

Acceptance Rate: 63%

Undergraduate Population: 18,526

Student-To-Faculty Ratio: 17 to 1

Student Body Make-up: M: 46% F: 54%

The Good: Friendly, welcoming student body with tons of school spirit. Great opportunities for undergrads interested in research. Lots of good nightlife options in downtown Lincoln.

The Bad:  Long, windy winters. Not the most diverse student body. Academic advising could benefit from more personal interaction.

Notable Alumni:  Warren Buffet, Johnny Carson, and Aaron Douglas

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University of Wisconsin-Madison

wisconsin vs nebraskaLocation: Madison, WI

In State Tuition: $9,672

Out of State Tuition: $25,421

ACT Scores:  27 – 29 Composite

SAT Scores: Math – 710 , Verbal – 670

Acceptance Rate: 62%

Undergraduate Population: 28,736

Student-To-Faculty Ratio: 22 to 1

Student Body Make-up: M: 49% F: 51%

The Good:  Ranks 4th out of US Public universities for federally funded research and 2nd for expenditures. Campus easily accessible by foot. Several top ranking undergraduate programs.

The Bad:  Steep tuition increases. The “college party town” vibe can be overwhelming to some. Can be tough to get personalized attention from faculty and administration with such a large student body.

Notable Alumni:  Bud Selig, Carol Bartz, Esther Forbes

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