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By Sam Coren Staff

clemson-university-reviewsOne of the longest, fiercest college rivalries in America belongs to two of the Palmetto state’s top institutions. However, the tense relationship between University of South Carolina and Clemson University pre-dates the existence of their powerhouse NCAA Division 1 Football teams. After the Civil War the seeds for the Carolina-Clemson feud were planted after University of South Carolina de-emphasize agricultural education and Clemson emerged as the state’s leading agriculture college after state funding was diverted from USC to Clemson.

Despite the tense history, over the years both schools have earned well-deserved reputations for being amazing places to earn a college degree. But if you’re deciding between the two you might have trouble trying to compare South Carolina to Clemson.

But you’re in luck – StudentAdvisor has tons of informative college reviews on both schools written by real students and alumni to help you decide!

Clemson University

The Good

“I was in Clemson’s Biology program and found myself at the very top of my medical school class from the start because of the preparation I received from Clemson. Also, the school has the best mix of academics and social life I could find anywhere. The students know how to work hard and play hard.”

“Clemson does not make students take only general education classes freshman year like most schools. You get to take classes pertaining to your major or just for fun beginning your first semester.”

“Clemson really is like a family, and its something you can’t understand until you go there. People really care about you, whether that’s students, professors, or administrators. It’s got a big college feel with the personal attention of a relatively small school.”

The Bad

“Many of the general education classes have at least 200 students and it is realy hard to pay attention and get individual help from the teachers in these classes.”

I initially underestimated the competitive student body”

“Clemson can get somewhat expensive if you don’t have scholarships. There are work study opportunity available, but it may not be an option for everyone.”

University of South Carolina – Columbia

The Good

“the best part about USC is the campus. With plenty of historic buildings, side by side with modern ones, USC’s campus is set apart from the city making walks to class safe and enjoyable in the beautiful South Carolina weather.”

university of south carolina reviews“the University offers lots of special things to students to help make the transition into college easier, safe, and a little smaller. Whether it’s the ACE writing center, Supplemental Instruction for difficult freshman classes, or the new taxi system that Student Government runs from downtown- USC cares about its students academically and beyond.”

“Many people look down on larger schools and say that the teacher/student ratio is poor and that if you were to attend a larger school the professors would not take the time to get to know you or even show much of an interest in you. This is completely false. The professors at USC are very concerned about their students and always want them to do well. USC does an excellent job in choosing its staff!


The Bad

“Sometimes athletics seems to overshadow any academic achievements made.”

“One of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with as a student revolves around course selection time. Sometimes this may mean getting stuck in a large class or being stuck at an inconvenient time or not getting in to a class at all because of the large student population.”

“the athletic division is so quick to excuse inexcusable acts performed by team players. The athletes at USC are held on a pedestal which is understood because the athletic aspect of USC is most likely the most lucrative programs for the school. However, allowing student athletes to get away with crimes, poor grades and public drunkenness, without being suspended from the team is completely inexcusable.”


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