Compare Colleges: 2011 NCAA Final Four Edition

By Sam Coren Staff

uconn college reviews resized 600With most of March Madness behind us the NCAA D1 Men’s Basketball tournament has arrived at the Final Four. In an astonishing turn of events, everyone who expected Duke University or University of Kansas to make it into the big dance has walked away utterly disappointed. But at StudentAdvisor we’re always down for a great underdog story.

So while the rest of you are throwing out your brackets, we’re going to help out some students in the midst of college decision season. Let’s take the 2011 Final Four teams and compare colleges off the court:


#3 UConn vs #4 Kentucky

University of Connecticut

Location: Storrs, CT

In State Tuition: $9,338

Out of State Tuition: $24,050

SAT Scores: Math – 660 , Verbal – 630

Acceptance Rate: 54%

Undergraduate Population: 16,765

Student-To-Faculty Ratio: 19 to 1

Student Body Make-up: M: 46% F: 54%

The Good: Top notch academics and tons of Husky pride for sports teams.

The Bad: Steep out-of-state tuition. Location makes finding internships difficult.

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University of Kentucky

Location: Lexington, KY

In State Tuition: $7,736

Out of State Tuition: $15,884

SAT Scores: Math – 630 , Verbal – 610

Acceptance Rate: 76%

Undergraduate Population: 18,990

Student-To-Faculty Ratio: 18 to 1

Student Body Make-up: M: 40% F: 60%

The Good: Gorgeous campus, great college town, and tons of options for majors.

The Bad: Sticky financial aid process and lack of parking.

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#8 Butler University vs #12 VCU

Butler University

Location: Indianapolis, IN

In State Tuition: $28,266

Out of State Tuition: $28,266

SAT Scores: Math – 650 , Verbal – 640

Acceptance Rate: 71%

Undergraduate Population: 3,639

Student-To-Faculty Ratio: 11 to 1

Student Body Make-up: M: 38% F: 62%

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Virginia Commonwealth University


Location: Richmond, VA


In State Tuition: $6,779


Out of State Tuition: $19,724


SAT Scores: Math – 590 , Verbal – 600


Acceptance Rate: 58%


Undergraduate Population: 22,746


Student-To-Faculty Ratio: 17 to 1


Student Body Make-up: M: 35% F: 65%


The Good: Beautiful campus for an urban environment. Renowned sculpture program.


The Bad: Surrounding area perceived as unsafe.


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