College Visits and Travel Reimbursement

road trip jpegI do not have a large budget for far-away college visits, which is a good excuse for keeping my children close to home. I was recently researching Drexel University in Pennslvania for my daughter to see if it was worth a trip  (it would require an overnight stay) and I was surprised to discover that they have a travel reimbursement program that would pay me back up to $500 if I came from more than 150 miles away and my daughter ended up enrolling!

This is an intriguing deal and one that I had never run across before (probably because I keep my children close to home). I began to wonder if other colleges and universities offer the same program and a quick internet search did indeed yeild results. There was the University of Minnesota Morris, for instance, and Aquinas College in Michigan as well as a list of nearly two dozen colleges in the state of Iowa. And these were only a few of the results from the first page. Of course, each school had its own requirements and limitations.

Rather than try to come up with a comprehensive list of colleges and universities offering travel reimbursement programs and their parameters, I would like to propose we work together. Begin by bookmarking this article, then let your student search for the colleges he or she is interested in with the Student Advisor College Search or College Match functions. After going to that college’s website, look for travel reimbrsement offers on the “visit campus” pages, or contact the admissions offices if you can’t find anything. Then return to this page and use the “comment” button at the bottom of this article to share your findings with our readers. Start with the name of the school in bold type and add any particulars you wish.

But before you go, I was reminded in my search that some colleges will waive their application fees for students who have visited their campus, which is another good reason to contact the admissions office and let them know your child will be there. In fact, getting college admissions officers to notice your child’s interest in their university is the subject of my next article so check back soon!

Diane Thomas is one of the newest members of the StudentAdvisor team. She is the mother two college graduates, two college students, and one high school student searching for a college. Diane is an alumna of Boston University’s College of Communications, and also works part-time as a newspaper photographer.

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