College Tour Tuesdays: Tufts University

Rate My College Tour: Tufts UniversityWant a real take on what a college tour is like? Vivian, Jenna and Jacqueline, three students at Emerson College, want to help! These students plan to take every college tour in metro Boston (and maybe more) over this summer, and have been blogging about it at Rate My College Tour.

This week, we highlight their tour of Tufts University

Informative vs Entertainment
We got a lot of useful information about Tufts, but Taylor also did a great job of bringing in some fun facts about the school and going to school in the Boston area.

Quality/Quantity of free stuff
We got a lot of literature. In addition to the standard information book, we received several brochures and the official admissions magazine: very classy.

Quality of literature provided
The literature we got was pretty informative. It was sleek and well-designed, and provided all the information we needed without being too text-heavy.

Length of tour
The tour lasted for an appropriate amount of time, but due to outside factors (the heat, our lack of actual interest in Tufts, and the foreboding walk back to Davis Square), it felt a little long.

Quality of tour content
We learned a lot about getting into the school, what to expect once you arrive on campus, and the social life. Vivian realized that she would be a great fit for Tufts socially, but quickly realized that she is not a “try-er” like the typical Tufts student and would probably have to leave.

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Over the summer, Vivian, Jenna and Jacqueline, with some friends, plan on taking 47 college tours and want to report on the best and worst parts of every Boston school. Each Tuesday, we’ll be publishing highlights of their various college tours. If you can’t make it to every college you want to tour this summer, keep up with StudentAdvisor and Rate My College Tour!