College Tour Tuesday: The Boston Conservatory

Boston ConservatoryWant a real take on what a college tour is like? Vivian, Jenna and Jacqueline, three students at Emerson College, want to help! These students plan to take every college tour in metro Boston (and maybe more) and have been blogging about it at Rate My College Tour.

This week, we highlight their tour of The Boston Conservatory

Informative (1) vs Entertainment (10) 
The tour was definitely more informative than entertaining. On the other hand, we do not feel that we gained that much information about the school that we did not already know or could not find out from briefly looking at the website.

Quality/Quantity of free stuff
We not only received plenty of informative literature, but also a free pen, bottle of water, and a letter from a freshman in the dance program. We thought the letter was a nice touch. It was not personalized, but it contained a glimpse of what it is like in the average day of a BoCo student.

Quality of literature provided
The literature does not contain much information at all, but it is very well designed. It gives the basic information but does not go into detail.

Length of tour (1=too short, 10=too long)
The tour was the perfect length. It seemed short, but the Boston Conservatory only has several buildings. We feel that we saw everything that the school has to offer.

Quality of tour content 
We felt as though we did not learn enough about the dance program at all. Our tour guide did not seem very knowledgeable about it at all. When going on the tour we were led through the back doors of various buildings and walked through alleys to get to the next destination. This seemed to be a very ineffective way to get a feel for the area surrounding the school, a very trendy neighborhood, and to see some of the impressive architecture that some of the BoCo buildings have. We also felt that some of the information given was not accurate (Molly said there were 80 schools in the Back Bay neighborhood alone: we at Rate My College Tour know that this is not correct).



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Vivian, Jenna and Jacqueline, with some friends, plan on taking 47 college tours and want to report on the best and worst parts of every Boston school. Each Tuesday, we’ll be publishing highlights of their various college tours. If you can’t make it to every college you want to tour this summer, keep up with StudentAdvisor and Rate My College Tour!