College Tour Tuesday: New England College of Optometry

Want a real take on what a college tour is like? Vivian, Jenna and Jacqueline, three students at Emerson College, want to help! These students plan to take every college tour in metro Boston (and maybe more) over this summer, and have been blogging about it at Rate My College Tour.

College Tour TuesdayThis week, we highlight their tour of New England College of Optometry

Tour Guide

Tour Guide:
Holly, a third-year graduate student and former bio undergrad from Maine. Fun fact: She usually goes home to eat lunch because she lives so close to campus.

Holly was surprisingly friendly and did not seem like a stereotypical optometrist, which we found refreshing. She was eager to show us around while adding tidbits of personal information about her time at NECO. We got the sense that she really loved NECO and optometry and we would gladly put our eyes in her hands.

Holly was wearing a white t-shirt and a cute mid-century-modern-patterned skirt with adorable white crochet flats. She even had her hair pulled back neatly out of her face: a sign that she obviously follows lab safety. On the hotness scale, Holly received an 8.

Ability to answer questions
Since we know absolutely nothing about science, eyes, or applying to graduate school for medicine, we had a lot of questions, most of which we were too embarrassed to ask. Jackie did a pretty impressive job of faking her knowledge of these subjects, but Holly was equally impressive with her ability to answer our questions.

Ability to relate 
Holly and Jackie bonded over their shared experiences as bio majors, and Holly even said that they had a leg up over other students because of all the science they’d had to do while undergrads. We also spoke briefly to an admissions coordinator after the tour, who was excited that Jackie had gone to BU since her husband had also gone there.



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Over the summer, Vivian, Jenna and Jacqueline, with some friends, plan on taking 47 college tours and want to report on the best and worst parts of every Boston school. Each Tuesday, we’ll be publishing highlights of their various college tours. If you can’t make it to every college you want to tour this summer, keep up with StudentAdvisor and Rate My College Tour!