College Tour Tuesday: Boston College

Rate my College Tour: Boston CollegeWant a real take on what a college tour is like? Vivian, Jenna and Jacqueline, three students at Emerson College, want to help! These students plan to take every college tour in metro Boston (and maybe more) over this summer, and have been blogging about it at Rate My College Tour.

This week, we highlight their tour of Boston College

Informative vs. Entertainment
This tour was the perfect balance of entertainment and information. We learned a lot about BC’s academics, student life, Division 1 sports (WAIT, THEY’RE ACTUALLY ON TV!!), and the admissions process. Stephen’s personality definitely helped: he made a lot of jokes throughout the tour, and unlike many we’ve heard, they were actually funny. Some of our favorites included the million dollar staircase, the fact that his legs were so muscular from climbing the stairs every day, and making us clap for him at the end.

Quality/Quantity of free stuff
We received a map of the campus, as well as a book of information and a bookmark.

Quality of literature provided
BC’s literature was simple and elegant, matching the overall feel of the school. It was very focused on the student experience at BC, which is a major selling point for most applicants.

Length of tour
The tour went a little long and started a little late, but Stephen kept us on track for most of the tour. We didn’t get to see all of BC, but it’s a large campus and it’s impossible to see everything in an hour.

Quality of tour content
We learned a lot about BC. Stephen used a lot of personal examples from his experiences at the school: no matter what questions were thrown at him, he always managed to answer it in a way that tied back to something he or someone he knew had personally done while at BC. We also got a lot of information about the school in general and the different programs and majors available.

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Over the summer, Vivian, Jenna and Jacqueline, with some friends, plan on taking 47 college tours and want to report on the best and worst parts of every Boston school. Each Tuesday, we’ll be publishing highlights of their various college tours. If you can’t make it to every college you want to tour this summer, keep up with StudentAdvisor and Rate My College Tour!


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