College Study Abroad Tips for Finding the Right Program

By Mike Stone

college study abroad tipsLooking to enhance your creativity while gaining a competitive edge for a job?  Are you hoping to save money on tuition and study halfway around the world? Well, get lost! You may be surprised to learn that a college study abroad program can make this all possible! But with so many options out there, how are you supposed to know which one will the best fit?

Beginning Your Study Abroad Search:  Questions to Ask

Here are three questions to ask your school’s study abroad office to help you find the perfect money-saving program match:

1.  Does financial aid extend to study abroad programs? If so, does it cover only my school’s program, or does it extend to 3rd party programs?

2.  Am I required to pay my home school’s full tuition for study abroad? If you can take a leave of absence, consider enrolling at a foreign university for a semester and paying them directly. That’s the cheapest way to study abroad.

3.  Am I allowed to pursue any program, or is there a list of pre-approved accredited programs? The last thing you want is to return from abroad to find that none of your course credits transfer.

As you find answers to these questions, visit to start researching away!

Below are some of the most popular programs that receive high ratings for cost of living, along with their application deadlines for Fall enrollment. Be sure to read insider student reviews and learn more about these incredible study abroad opportunities.

Program – Application Deadlines

CEA – Buenos Aires – 05/06/2011
IES – Beijing – 05/13/2011
AIFS – Prague – 05/15/2011
CAPA – Sydney – 06/01/2011
API – Florence – 06/01/2011
ISA – Granada – 06/01/2011

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Mike Stone is a co-found of Abroad101 Mike Stone, co-founder of Abroad101, a study abroad review site. Mike is a graduate of Tufts University with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Communications and Media Studies. He has studied abroad in Talloires, France as well as Melbourne, Australia, and helped teach and administer a Tufts study abroad program in France.

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