College Reviews: Liberal Arts Colleges in Southern Maine

By Sam Coren Staff

colleges in southern maine bowdoinNew England is known for having one of the highest concentrations of colleges and univeristies in the US. Compared to hustle and bustle of Boston, which draws thousands of students from all over the world, many students prefer to study in the more serene setting of Maine. And it comes as no surpise since the state has many world-class institutions to choose from. While Northern Maine is sparsely populated, students who attend colleges in southern Maine get the benfits of beautiful scenery, small city life in Portland, and easy access to the rest of New England.

Considering liberal arts colleges up North? Check out some of StudentAdvisor’s college reviews for some of Maine’s top ranked liberal arts colleges:

Bates College

“Bates has a great community feel with outstanding academics. The faculty is above exceptional. Most students study abroad. I don’t know that I’ve ever met a Batesie that doesn’t LOVE Bates!”

“One of the best liberal arts colleges I could have sent my daughter to. The college had small class sizes, excellent faculty, and a great campus”

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Colby College

“Fabulous international focus and rigorous academics. The libraries on campus are stunning.”

“The professors are phenomenal and are very personable, this is directly correlated to the size of the campus.”

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Bowdoin College

“Ranked sixth among Liberal Arts, it is the best arts institution. It gives the best foundation for art students.”

“a beautiful campus located in coastal Maine. The college has a strong reputation and excellent academics.”

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