College Comparison: Emory vs Vanderbilt

By Megan Kenslea Staff

vanderbilt student reviewsStudents from around the world have flocked to Emory University and Vanderbilt University in search of strong academics in a warmer climate. With both schools boasting impressive faculty and alumni, there are numerous similarities between Emory and Vanderbilt abound:  both are located on the outskirts of vibrant cities, the schools are comparable in size, student body make-up, and also have a high number of students participating in Greek life. However, there are also some key differences that distinguish the two schools from one another.

So for those of you comparing Emory vs. Vanderbilt in your college search here are a few key things to keep in mind:

Emory University

Location: Atlanta, Ga.

In State Tuition: $38,600

Out of State Tuition: $38,600

SAT Scores: Math 740, Verbal 730

Acceptance Rate: 27%

Undergraduate Population: 6,890

Student-To-Faculty Ratio: 7-to-1

Student Body Make-up: Male 40%, Female 60%

The Good: Emory boasts some high profile faculty, including former president Jimmy Carter, as well as a beautiful, sprawling campus, and over 400 student activities to choose from. Another plus? Dooley’s Week, a week-long celebration in the spring honoring the school’s unofficial mascot, a skeleton.

The Bad: While Emory has a number of teams playing at the Division III level, the school has no football team. Students have also complained about the hilly campus, small dorm size, and  the financial aid.

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Vanderbilt University

Location: Nashville, Tenn.

In State Tuition: $40,320

Out of State Tuition: $40,320

SAT Scores: Math 760, Verbal 740

Acceptance Rate: 25%

Undergraduate Population: 6,637

Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 9 to 1

Student Body Make-Up: Male 42% Female 58%

The Good: The administration is attentive and perceptive, and has allocated significant funds to increase student body happiness, including a major rebuilding of Central Library, which students say is an eyesore.

The Bad: The school offers a restrictive meal plan with limited variety, and on-campus housing and parking are both expensive.

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