College Admissions: Applying to College in the Digital Age [PODCAST]

By Megan Kenslea Staff

dean tsouvalas black and whiteTechnology has transformed parts of the college application process, and  for first-time applicants and their parents, the digital transformation has been daunting. Applying to college today is much different than it was ten years ago – social media, internet, and other digital resources have transformed parts of the process. Earlier this week, Editor-in-Chief Dean Tsouvalas spoke about navigating college admissions in the digital age on the College Prep Express radio program Prep Talk.

Students & Parents Do Their Research Differently

Tsouvalas said that while parents still rely on traditional admissions materials, students prefer instant access to information on the internet. “Guidance counselors are saying that parents still like their party favors, they still like their pamphlets,” Tsouvalas said. “But students saw the word ‘download’ and they hesitated to click on the actual link.” StudentAdvisor’s College Match Tool is a great way for students to find their best fit colleges without getting up from their desks at home, he said.

Digital technology and the internet can help students supplement their applications as well, Tsouvalas said. “Social media is a great way to show off your unique skills,” Tsouvalas said. “You can create a digital profile to help you stand out from somebody else.”

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