Choosing a College Major: How to Best Play to Your Strengths

Choosing a college major that plays to your strengths.

A college education is something that should lead you to a career you love and give you experience that matters. Its purpose is to help you learn the skills, methods, and knowledge required to be proficient in any particular field. Failing to choose a major you’re excited about can make your college experience more difficult, and it might coax you into a field you won’t love as much as you could.

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Let’s explore how you can best incorporate your strengths when choosing a college major.

Research Your Interests

Take some time to think about some different interests or hobbies you have. Could any translate into a career or school studies? For example, you may enjoy cooking for your family and find that chef school is just the kind of discipline you want. Perhaps your favorite subject in school was English and you love books. Research the different paths you might take with that particular interest; from a simple English degree to a career in journalism, there are a lot of routes you might find. The key is choosing something you truly love and enjoy studying.

Think About Your Career

As with any major, you’ll want it to be able to translate to into a good career down the road. Even if you just go with a course of study you enjoy, think about how it can affect your future. An English degree is great if that’s what you love, but make sure you are also considering internships, editing jobs, and more.

You might also consider getting a degree you know you can get a job in as long as you can combine it with your interests later on. If you know you can get into a business program, for instance, but are passionate about cosmetics or fashion, why not try to combine the two? Earn your your business degree now and take it with you into the fashion field later.

Challenge Yourself

If you’re still stuck after researching your interests and future careers, it might be time to look at some other avenues. Challenge yourself by exploring a variety of college courses and seminars to find new ideas for careers and degrees you might not have considered yet. For example, you may be enthralled by the concept of running your own business. The problem is, you can’t deal with the finer details like accounting or dealing with merchant accounts. Choosing a bachelor of arts in business administration can help you focus on utilizing your strengths, while teaching you how to overcome your weaknesses. You can even take personality tests to lead you in the right direction.

Finding a major suited to your strengths isn’t hard. As long as you’re prepared to do the research, think about your future, and challenge yourself, you can find the place you’ve always wanted to be.

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