Transfer Student Tips for Building New Friendships

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Transferring to a new college can be exciting, but it can also be socially daunting. While it’s invigorating to transfer to a school that is better suited to your academic needs, it’s still a challenge to adjust to a new campus with a brand new student body. If you’re a transfer student, rise to the social challenge and make new friends with these vital tips:

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Extra-Curricular Activities

In addition to study groups, joining a campus group based on your hobbies and interests is the most reliable method to make new friends. Are you passionate about politics? Then join a political group on campus—engaging in political debates and exercising your democratic rights are guaranteed ways to make new and strong connections! Are you into sports? Then attend sporting events and make friends with those who share your school spirit! You can also make new connections by volunteering or interning in a field that interests you. If you’re passionate about something, seek out groups or events that cater to your passions and you’ll find yourself making friends with like-minded students in no time.

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Expand Your Social Horizons

If your usual method to making friends isn’t working, try connecting with new types of people in new settings. Perhaps you’re evolving and you need to discover new environments and different groups of people that are better suited for your growing interests. Try meeting students outside of your major by going to a new cultural event. Are you a medical student curious about your school’s art scene? Attend a gallery show and mingle with the students there. You can also try engaging with people outside of campus by exploring your college town. Or consider joining a local fitness class outside of your school’s gym. Be adventurous while you’re young and in college! You may find some life-long friends in unlikely places.

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Stay Confident

The most important part to establishing new friendships is making sure you like yourself. If you’re insecure or doubtful about your ability to make new friends (or be a good friend), then others will sense your negativity and be hesitant to forge meaningful relationships with you. It’s also vital to keep a positive and confident energy in order to attract good people into your life. If you’re too desperate in your attempts to make new friends, then you may unwittingly invite shallow people who could end up taking advantage of you or prove to be unreliable.

Stay confident and be patient when making connections at your new school. It’s never easy to be a transfer student, but remember that you’re not alone—there are other transfer students on campus in the same boat. Don’t let loneliness or insecurity hurt your college life. Keep in mind that as a transfer student you’re getting a second chance to improve on your college experience. If you invest your extra-curricular time in things you’re truly passionate about while having an extraverted attitude, then you will find the right friends for you at your own pace.

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