Brad’s Deals to Award $10,000 in Scholarships to Thrifty Students

By Sam Coren Staff

logo bradsdealsBrad Wilson, founder of the coupon site Brad’s Deals, is on a mission to give back to current and future college students who recognize the value of a dollar. Ten years ago Brad was a financially strapped college student who turned to the Internet to find savings on the things he needed for school.

That’s why Brad’s Deals is pleased to announce the first annual Shop Smart Scholarship Competition. To recognize, encourage and reward students whose college experience is enabled by remarkable frugality, ingenuity, effort and thrift, Brad’s Deals will be awarding $10,000 in scholarships. Five finalists will receive a $2,000 scholarship for the 2012-2013 school year.

Want to know how you could win one of the $2,000 scholarships? Read the details below:

Who’s Eligible

To be eligible for scholarship consideration applicants must:

  • Be a high school senior or undergraduate college student
  • Be a current US Citizen or permanent resident
  • Show proof of current enrollment 
  • Have a 2.0 minimum GPA

How to Apply

1.  Write a 500 word essay explaining how your college experience is or will be enabled by remarkable frugality, ingenuity, effort or thrift.

Applicants are encouraged to discuss topics such as:

  • student loans
  • other scholarships and grants
  • personal savings
  • working full or part time while in school
  • any other creative or remarkable approach to paying for college or saving money as a student

2.  Break down your all-in educational costs (tuition, room, board, other) and how they are or will be paid.

Note: given the “shop smart” theme, there is a bias against both high annual tuition costs and student loans.

Essays will be judged on the creativity of the money saving strategies described, along with the overall remarkableness of the author’s experience paying for school in the spirit of thrift.

Apply by June 1st, 2012. To view the full scholarship contest rules and submit your application visit