Best Dorm Items 2011: Student Picks from The Ultimate Dorm Living Guide

By Sam Coren Staff

ultimate dorm living guide best dorm itemsSo by now you’ve moved in, hung up some posters, and started making friends in your new college residence hall. But something is still missing – the “wow” factor. Looking for the last items to make your dorm room the envy of all? During the making of StudentAdvisor’s Ultimate Dorm Living Guide we polled our student testers to find out which products they thought were the best.

Here are the best dorm items from StudentAdvisor’s Ultimate Dorm Living Guide according to college students:

1. Umbra’s Pongo Portable Ping Pong Set $40.00

umbra ping pong

“The bag carrying case makes it easy to go from dorm to dorm. This is hours of fun.” Jay P., UMass Lowell

2. Blackberry Playbook 16GB $499

blackberry playbook

“Compared to the iPad this product was a lot smaller so it would be easier to carry around and bring from class to class.” Chris B., University of Nebraska – Lincoln

3. Livescribe Echo SmartPen $99

livescribe echo

“The Livescribe Smartpen is the best thing to happen to college students. It audio records the professor’s lectures so I don’t have to worry about keeping up with every word the prof is saying or if I can’t read my writing, or even understand what things meant days or weeks after the fact. If I’m reviewing for a test, all I have to do is tap my pen on a certain word and the audio recording will start playing what the prof was saying at that moment when I was writing. Hallelujah!!” Tina K., Emmanuel College

4. Juice Pack Air $49 or $79

juice pack air

“Being on a city campus rarely gives you the time to stop and recharge your phone.  This keeps it charged all day and is a must for the on-the-go student.”  Jeremy L., MIT

5. Cool Bar by Keter $79

keter cool bar

“When you’re hanging out with your buddies the last thing you want to do is get up and walk inside to grab a new drink out of the fridge! With the Cool Bar all you have to do is lift the top part to reveal the secret cooler underneath filled with frosty beverages – heaven on earth!” Evan D., McGill University

6. Wizard Wall $14.99

“It’s really cool! We use poster board and small white boards on our dorm walls all the time, so this is a great combination of the two. Plus it sticks right to the wall so you don’t have to worry about putting holes in your wall trying to hang a whiteboard.”

– Nicole P., Boston College

7. Samsung ST700 DualView Digital Camera $279.99

Samsung ST700 DualView

“I love the front screen and all its functionality. It’s even light enough to carry around campus.”

– Sara A., Merrimack College

8. Pop Phone $29.90

pop phone

“When using my phone touch screen I’m always accidentally muting and hanging up on people.  This retro-cool phone avoids that and makes it easy to use at my desk.”

– Thuy P., Emerson College

9. Plush Comforter $24.99

Screen shot 2011-09-12 at 10.40.50 AM
“Once you wrap yourself up in this blank you’ll never want to leave!”

– Megan K., Boston University

10. Black & Decker Smartboil® Plus 1.7-L Programmable Kettle $49.99


“Whether you are making coffee, instant oatmeal or soup this boils quickly and with the auto shut-off I don’t have to worry about setting off alarms.”

– Denise M., UMass Lowell


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