Benefits of Internships

While in college, students should take advantage of internship opportunities. Internships have many benefits, including the possibility of a full-time employment opportunity after graduation and possibly even acquiring a higher starting salary. It is important to think of an internship as a stepping stone that could potentially become your career – so remember to take it seriously, and impress your employer!


1. Internships provide students with realistic expectations of a job, and give them exposure to a potential career opportunity.

2. Internships present students with a chance to sharpen and develop their skills. Students are also able to add the relevant work experience to beef up their resumes.

3. Internships are a great opportunity for students to start building their professional network early on – with bosses, co-workers, and other business professionals in the field.

4. Internships provide an emerging sense of self and responsibility, are a good learning opportunity for anyone.

5. Internships can give a student a competitive advantage when it comes to finding a full-time job. An employer would most likely feel more confident hiring a student with work experience over a candidate without any prior experience in the field.


Want proof? The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) conducted a 2010 Internship & Co-op Survey.

The purpose of the survey was to discover if students who took part in an internship program were more likely to receive a job offer than their peers who elected not to participate in an internship. More than 31,470 students (over 13,000 were graduating seniors) from over 400 colleges and universities nationwide took part in the study.

The study found that:

  • Nearly all respondents (86.5%) have formal internships/co-op programs
  • 42.3% of the seniors who had internship experience, and applied for a job, received at least one job offer
  • More than one-quarter of the intern group with offers accepted them
  • The median accepted salary offer for seniors with an internship was $45,301
  • Only 30.7% of seniors without internship experience who applied for a job received an offer
  • Less than 20% of the non-intern group accepted the offers
  • The median accepted salary offer to non-intern seniors was only $34,601 (nearly 31% lower than the internship participants).

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