How to Avoid the Summer Brain Drain: Video

With school out for the summer—for kids and adults alike—losing valuable learning gains is a big concern. A study conducted by Duke University concluded that skills in math, reading, and spelling, quickly fade during summer months.

StudentAdvisor’s Editor-in-Chief, Dean Tsouvalas, spoke with New England Cable News (NECN) about strategies to avoid losing learning during the summer—the so-called brain drain.

“There are a bunch of free but fun and engaging resources out there,” said Tsouvalas, “that you can use and have your kids spend some time on every day.”

He recommends 4 free online resources to avoid summer brain drain:

  • called the GPS of Learning, a hub for thousands of free online classes
  • Khan Ademy: a great resource for free classes, especially for math
  • Duolingo: a smartphone app to help you learn another language
  • Codecademy: an online guide to learning to code

“What’s nice is all these sites are online,” said Tsouvalas, “so you can do them when you’re at the beach or out running about.”

So, learners of all ages can easily explore some fun and interesting activities this summer to amuse themselves, and hopefully, learn something. Read more about the 5 Ways to Stop the Summer Brain Drain.

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