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Private Student Loans vs. Federal Grants

By Nancy Ziering, Special to There are some big differences between federal grants and private loans that students and their parents should be aware of. Both are good ways to finance a higher education, but one does have advantages over the other. Federal grants are money that students get from the government to pay […]


Bentley University Reviews

Want to get the low down about Bentley University? Read over 79+ reviews from real students, parents, and faculty members! Here are some highlights from Bentley University reviews: “Bentley literally has a resource for everything.” “I’ve always had someone to turn to if I have had a question.” “Every student has the best, most up-to-date […]

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What is a 529 College Savings Plan?

A 529 College Savings Plan is an education savings plan operated by a state or educational institution designed to help families set aside funds for future college costs. A 529 plan encourages families to save for higher education expenses, and is an easy hands-off way to save for college. The plan is named after Section […]


How Much Will College Cost You? Use a College Cost Calculator!

By Mary Fallon from, Special to One of the biggest mysteries about college is “how much will it cost me?” Some students who want to go to college don’t even apply because the sticker price posted on a college’s websites scares them off. But sticker price is not the price most students pay. […]

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10 Best Dorm Room Products

The school year is in full swing – is your dorm room outfitted with these cool products? Check out some of this year’s best dorm room products, as determined by the team: 1. Scentsy Warmer “This is a great product for female AND male students to make any dorm room, messy or clean, smell […]

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Where Rap Artists Went to School

Rap music – hate it or love it. Regardless of what rap artists rap about, back in the day some of them were studying at colleges and universities around the country, just like you! Let’s take a look at where some popular rap artists went to school: Lil Wayne: Majored in Sports Management at the […]


6 Ways to Save Money at College

College kids have tight budgets – here are some ways to get the most out of your dollar and save money while living on campus.   1. BUY IN BULK. A lot of food will go a long way! Talk with your roommates about pitching in for a membership at your local grocery warehouse. By […]

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What Shoes to Wear to a Frat Party?

By Leah Liebler, Red Window. Special to If you’re a guy, you don’t think this affects you. I can already tell. But listen up gentlemen, you don’t want to be the one carrying your girlfriend’s books up that steep hill to class, while she trails behind you, complaining on her half frozen half sweat […]


Talking to Your Kids About Sex Before College

We received the question, “Need help talking to my daughter about sex before she goes to college!” This is always a touchy – but very important – subject that you must address with your child. With disease, rape, pregnancy, and domestic violence prominent in our society, students heading off to college should know about all […]


2010 SAT Test Dates

Here are the upcoming SAT test dates. Make sure you register for the test you want to take by the below registration deadline. Good luck! TEST DATE / REGISTER BY: November 6 / October 8 December 4 / November 5 January 22 (2011)/ December 23, 2010 *If you have questions regarding the SAT or registering […]

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Best Colleges for Jocks

Some students take college athletics very seriously. For some student athletes, the college they attend either scouted them out, or provided a decent athletic scholarship. Regardless if you are a jock, a student athlete, or a huge sports fan, we wanted to share the 25 Best Colleges for Jocks according to Newsweek Education: 1. University […]

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