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Online Learning at the New England College of Business and Finance

Recently we talked with Paula Bramante, the Senior Vice President of Student Services at New England College of Business and Finance, based in Boston, Mass. At NECB, students can obtain business and finance degrees online, making their programs suitable for many adults who already have careers in business, but are looking to enhance or further their education. Read more…

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College Waitlists: The Admissions Waiting Game Continues

Our regular contributor, Purvi S. Mody, writes about what to do if you find out your waitlisted at your top choice school. Check out her advice and let us know what you think about being waitlisted. Read more…


Leaving Home: Essential Skills Students Need

by Purvi S. Mody, Insight Education Often times when high school students think about preparing for moving to college, they think about good grades, test scores and extracurricular activities. While those are essential elements of getting into college, you also need to get ready to move to college, which often means leaving home. The skills needed […]


First Generation College Students: 4 Tips for Success

by Teresa Heinz Housel | Hope College Applying to colleges and adjusting to college life can be daunting for many students. The tasks of identifying prospective colleges, navigating the college and financial aid application process, and choosing courses can seem overwhelming because students have so many choices. For students whose parents did not attend college, also known […]


Student Spotlight: Brian Boudreau of Franklin Pierce University

One of the most important things about higher education is that everyone learns in different ways. Even though most talks of college involve the SATs, parties and dorm rooms, there are many people who choose to take a different path to their education. StudentAdvisor wants to highlight students that have done things a little differently, […]

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College Applications: The Stress of Applying to College

How can high school students deal with the stress of college applications? Juliet Brooks, a high school senior, gives her account of how to manage anxiety surrounding college admissions. By Juliet Brooks Contributor Most people suffering from nostalgia (like Owen Wilson’s character in the Woody Allen movie “Midnight in Paris”) want to go to […]


You Can Have Fun Without Drinking, Even on St. Patrick’s Day

On St. Patrick’s Day, throngs of emerald green revelers will amass in bars, nightclubs, and hot spots throughout the country to overindulge in the name of the patron saint of Ireland.  Over.  And over.  And over again. For those of us looking for alternatives to all that St. Patrick’s Day “fun,” it’s easy to feel left out of the […]


5 College YouTubers You Should Be Following

Everyone loves YouTube, whether you’re just trying to find a funny viral video, trying to learn a DIY project, or just looking for some new music. However, there are some amazing college students out there using YouTube as a way to share their college experience – and maybe help make yours a little better. Here […]

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Scholarships: StudentAdvisor Launches Scholarship Advisor Mobile App

At, we have officially launched the Scholarship Advisor app for iPhone and iPad users that provides students with quick access to thousands of college scholarship opportunities worth millions of dollars. The free app connects users with fast and easy tools to search, match, save and share scholarships so that students never miss a scholarship application deadline. […]


13 Best College Harlem Shake Videos

The Harlem Shake is the latest viral video craze and, of course, colleges across the country are taking part. These are some of our favorite Harlem Shake videos – subscribe to our YouTube channel to see when we find more!   Colorado College has about 2,000 undergrads, so it’s amazing how many students they got to […]


Top 7 Tips for Writing Outstanding Scholarship Essays

Recently, Wow Writing Workshop judged a local scholarship essay contest. The prize: a small cash reward for college, the opportunity to win more prizes at the regional and national levels – and bragging rights that might help the winner get even more cash to help defray the cost of tuition. We’ve judged many contests just like this […]